BCS Document Imaging Solutions

Document Imaging
Allows you to capture any paper based documents (such as invoices/POs, tax forms, applications, W4s, etc.) in image form for indexed retrieval to end user desktops via a browser. Users can archive images of any kind of document and retrieve those images later by assigned index values. It also implements robust COLD robust storage capabilities using thin client architecture.

Image Based Workflows
Enables the customer to replace costly and time consuming paper-based workflows with higher productivity, lower cost image-based ones.

Electronic Reports
Replaces your cumbersome and costly printing, bursting and manual delivery processes with automated delivery right to the users desktop via the internet and a browser. Reports can be archived for later retrieval, thereby eliminating the need for costly rerun/reprints.

Data Mart
Automatically extracts data elements from captured reports and makes the data available to custom buit end user queries. Can acceptadditioinal data inputs from a variety of sources.


Substantial cost savings are realized via:

  • Hardcopy printing costs (paper, consumables, click charges, etc.) are reduced/eliminated.
  • Bursting, handling and manual report distribution costs are eliminated.
  • Physical document storage costs are reduced/eliminated.
  • Costs for delivery of reports to external users via mail or other physical mechanics are eliminated.
  • Document images and reports are immediately available to any users who may need to refer to them.
  • Retrieval of the images is much less time consuming than paper based methods.
  • Image based workflows are much more cost effective than paper based ones.
  • Electronic storage of the images reduces duplicate paper copies.
  • Data Mart facilities can be used to cross check data with production operational systems.
  • The product is implemented on a pay-only-for-what-you-use model.
  • Extremely quick implementation and deployment.


The BCS Document Imaging Product provides:

  • Any existing paper based document can be captured via a variety of methods such as scanner,fax or email or can be sent to the BCS servers via SFTP protocols.
  • The captured document is assigned any number of user defined indexes.
  • Users may define multiple 'cabinets' where the electronic images are stored.
  • End users are authorized for appropriate levels of access (which cabinets and documents they are to be allowed to view).
  • Each document is immediately available for viewing at any location with internet connectivity and a browser. Nothing is installed at the user location.
  • The user can select/retrieve information based on the values of the indexes assigned to the image.
  • Users can print the image on a local printer.
  • Images can be saved for any user specified duration for retrieval later.
  • Retrieval of archived reports eliminates the need to rerun jobs or reprint reports.
  • Multiple related images can be logically 'stapled' together.
  • Image based workflows can be created to automatically pass images from one user to the next in the workflow based on business rules, electronic sign-offs, etc.